Friend’s name

I told you this morning about my dreams and I just asked that one person about her name and she told me the name that was on her passport and it started with a J. While in my dream it was like Rani.

So now I m trying to think the hidden message hidden in my dream. I do know that she uses this R-name in some of her written stories.

So I m not sure what to think about this dream.

Hyperion Moonstone
30 Aug 2015


More dreams – 30/08/2015

A couple of hours after writing my article of the supermoon of last night I went to bed and I had some dreams but also some ideas. For those who don’t know it yet, I keep track of all my dreams in this blog. It was one of the reasons why I started this blog.

So tonight I got a bunch of dreams. Maybe it is due to the late hour I went to sleep (2 am) or maybe some magical influence of the supermoon ? Well I dont know but I do know that my dreams mostly tell me things about the future. And that isnt a joke, it sometimes scary me how accurate these things can be.

So the first thing I notices was a shield. A big medieval shield. Not like these classic ones or those from the movies but a little bit more special. It had two main collors blue and yellow. So imagine a light blue (skyblue) shield with two diagonal yellow lines and beneath those two lines the shield was also painted yellow. And in the middle if the shield there was an invissible vertical line virtually splitting the shield in a left and right side. And I even think that one side has a small figure of a swan on it or maybe two in a bright white collor. It sounds a lot like the my fantasy coat of arms but it isn’t, hower it does remind me more about the playmobil swanknight. In my childhood it was my favorite playmobil toy.

A second dream is about FB where I just noticed that a friends (J.C.) changed her name to something like R.W. I think it was Rani or Ranielle. I know this person used that name in the past but I also believe that she isnt using her real name in FB.

I had some other dreams but they already faded away. I need to write them down as fast as possible and when I have only one dream it works. But with a lot of dreams I m too slow.

Hyperion Moonstone
30 Aug 2015

Her face

Today I took the train to visit Brussels and during the train trip I somehow was thinking about the woman I met last weekend. ( See my article “Wizards in suits are cool” ). It was this person that showed me her Viking’s pendant and I just remember her face when I made eye contact with her when she was showing the pendant.
I also remembered that she had a tattoo on her left arm and that she was wearing some jewel bracelet on her left arm.

I somehow remember her face, and I don’t know why (Maybe I met her before ? But I don’t think so).

Hyperion Moonstone
18 Aug 2015