Wicca books

Just a small paragraph before I make a longer post of a recent deja-vue feeling…..

Well I just remembered that I lend a wiccan friend of mine two books.
The first one is “bedroom”-related spell book [1] while the other one is  a cookbook to prepare food for your beloved one [2]. I lend her my two books that I just had in archive in case of need. I didn’t used them and didn’t really read them yet since I didn’t had the need to do so. And while my wicca friend just got into a relationship she asked me if she could borrow them. So yeah, I’m wondering if she already tried stuff and how it went. 🙂

Cheers ! HM

[1] Magical Sex – A Witches Guide to Bed, Knobs and Broomsticks by Fiona Horne [English]
 [2] Recipes for love – Erotic Cookbook by Willoughby J. [Dutch]


I wanna go to a prom

Well I wanna go to a prom. I do have a black suit that I could wear. Classy 🙂

But I also made a small combination of halloween outfits and this is the result.
I think it would be nice for a masked ball 🙂

Can I ask you for this dance ? 🙂

Hyppy Moonnie
16 Oct 2015


No news

So far I don’t have much news for you to read.
I think I will take some time somewhere in the next days to write a small article about something, but I’ll see how far I get.

So how are you guys ?

Cheers !
Hyppy Moonnie !

Desk decoration

Last Friday I went shopping and I bought myself a small chest made out of glass. It was perfect to put on your desk to display stuff in it. So I bought it for about 8 euros and continued shopping.

After returning to home I unpacked my box and poured some “sand of time” into the box till the bottom was fully covered. A small yet thick enoug layer of small golden balls covered the mirror on the bottom. The box was now ready for my mysterious object. So I grabbed my collection box and took out piece of paper. After unfolding the paper, I put the object that was hidden inside it into my box.

So as a result an ancient key rested on a thing layer of “sand“.

It is jusr some decoration material that I bought somewhere and an old key from an old person (elder) that I knew. But it is the story you make around it.

Yes it is just some decoration stuff and an old key. But you can also think that you found this mysterious key in an hourglass. The magic hourglass was smashed and you noticed this key in its sand. So you collected them and you placed them in a glass box on your desk. Where it waits till its mystery will be discovered.

Hyperion Moonstone
19 Sept 2015


A wizard can take another wizard apart from a group of muggles.

An angel can take another angel apart from a group of humans.

Aslike time travels do.

But can normal humans take a real wizard, a real angel or a time traveler in dusguise from a group of other normal humans ? Well no they cant.

Unless you put your mind open and see and realise what others don’t.

And they you will notice that the world still have its mysteries.

Hyperion Moonstone
17 sept 2015

Written in my phone so sorry for typos and mistakes

Cellphone battery – 12/09/2015

Yesterday morning I woke up and turned on my phone. I noticed that ot had 4% battery left. So I was like okay I put this on my night table and will check again in a couple of minutes when the battery is completely drained. So after a while I checked it and suprisingly it showed me 17% xD

I guess the phone has a battery usage predictor. Or otherwise I found a cheap way to recharge my battery xD

Hyperion Moonstone
13 Sept 2015

Puff my dragon

Did I ever told you about Puff ? I bet I didn’t ! Puff is the name of my cute dragon. I didn’t name him after the song but more the way he is sculpted.

I bought him a couple years ago in a christmas market in Liege (Belgium).  It is a clay dragon under which you can place an incense triangle and the smoke will leave the dragon through several holes ( like nose etc). So I picked this one dragon that was posing like a dog waiting before you trow his stick away.


My little dragon


My little dragon

But when I tried to see the smoke effect I noticed that I misjudged it…  and that’s how he/she got the name Puff !   🙂

Write you soon !
Hyperion Moonstone
1 Sept 2015

I wanna learn quick-sketching

Today I have been thinking about a couple of things. First of all I tried to minimalize thinking about the thingie that make me sad (see my post of yesterday). In this post I mentioned a disney song and a fellow blogger ( Sami Wiltshire ) commented on my article that me she also loves the hunchback of the Notre Dame ! So this made me thinking about Paris and the lovely places.

In a couple of months I’m returning to Paris for a two day visit. The first day I m going to revisit Disneyland Paris and the second day I m doing Paris itself.

And that’s when I got this idea. I have this small notebook that perfectly fits in my pocket. And I want to take it with me on my travels and make sketches in it of beautiful places…

But there is one problem ….

I totally can’t sketch things. I sometimes try drawing but it is never a beautiful masterpiece. So I’m now kinda looking for some small free lessons about making quick sketches. In first place about buildings and landscapes and later on specific objects or even people.
I m also unsure about the tool I m going to use. Maybe I will use a normal writing pen or maybe should I go for a refillable pencil ?

Does any of my readers know some good advice ? I m looking forward to hear them.

In meanwhile I will continue to make pictures with my SLR camera but just making a sketch of something … gives a totally other feeling about it.

See you soon,
Hyperion Moonstone
28 Aug 2015

Ps: written on the move so ‘m sorry about spelling mistakes.