Golden sun

Last Saturday, I was driving to a small town to see a light parade.
Around six I jumped in the car and went off to this town.
So about twenty minutes later, when I was driving at 120km/h on the highway,
I saw the sun in my mirror, and on the road, the shadows and golden shades replaced each other over and over again.

So as I was heading West, with the sun in my mirror, I somehow enjoyed the ride.
I was driving through shadows and then the shadows ended and a golden light was shining upon the road. It was wonderful, this golden warm sun enlighting your route as you are continuing your way ….

I love it ! It was truly a lovely feeling and I wish I could feel this more often ūüôā

Kind regards
Hyperion Moonstone
27 Sept 2015

PS: Sorry this article sucks (poor quality xD)


Por ti volare by a street artist

Today I¬†took the train to our capital (Brussels), all suited up because I had a meeting. And I was walking through the hallways and I heard¬†violin music, a man was playing the violin at the end of a long hallway. I knew I didn’t had to go into that direction, however at the crossing I stood still. Just listening to the music a man played on his violin in the corridor far way.

I recognized the song, it was Andrea Bocelli“s “Por ti volare” a cover from , I knew it because as child I listened to it a lot and now I just knew it was this song. So I was standing there for a minute and just listening to the music that went through the hallway. I was looking at the distant man and I saw people just walking by it. Some dropped some coins while passing by but no one stood still to listen.

So I made up  my mind and searched if I could find some coins left and walked slowly in the direction of the man. He was still playing and I just stopped aside him to watch him playing and after finishing the song I applaud and dropped the coins. I also said that he was doing a good job and that I liked it.

I still see me standing there, listening to his song. Just imagine one of the big cities like London or New York where everybody travels by metro. (And everyone is just wearing casual cloths). And in a long metro hallway where you are walking through to get to your job. And on your path you see a street artist playing a song, and next to it you see a young man in suit listening to it, while everyone else just passes by.

After that he stopped playing and walked back to the intersection to continue my way to my meeting.

I still think about the situation, like he was playing a beautiful song and all the people were¬†just passing and not taking the time to listen.(Normally I do the same, but this violin cover on this place … it just hit me. And I wanted to go and hear his song).

Write you soon,
Hyperion Moonstone
31 Aug 2015

Another flea markt

Disclamer : this isnt the second part of my last flea market post. This is another one.

So today I went to another flea market and compared to the last one this is more a real market. Since last time it was one big boot selling everything at very low prices. People could turn in their used things and they were sold in this one big boot. It wasnt a company doing an clear out sale but some volunteers who were trying to raise money to help elder people.

So this time it was more a real flea market. I think there were about 100 boots all scattered over two streets.

It was fun walking through the streets in the warming sunbeams while searching for some fun things.

And yes I found them ! The first thing I bought was a polaroid camera (the 660), it was in a very good condition and even had its original box with it. The price was just one euro so I couldnt leave it behind, not for that price xD

At the same boot I saw some samurai swords (katanas), these swords were more authentic and they werent the kind you usually see on market boots. They were also very cheap but sadly completely useless for me. And next to that my mother will kill me when I would bring them in our house xD. So I continued my search for other nice items.

On another boot I found this egyptian souvenir, a scarabee ! Really cool and nice , but since I took a small amount of money with me I decided to wait and see what other things I could buy. But yeah I think you can already guess it. By the time I returned it was sold to someone else …

So after an hour I returned to my car with my polaroid camera and some other things. I found the cossacks anathology (pc game) for only 50 cent. I just bought them because of nostalgy xD

I also bought a disney book about zorro (I started collecting the serie since last market) and 4 LP’s: Michael Jackson’s thriller, Disney’s Frank & Frey,Dutch streetorgan parade (this one was just for fun xD) and last but not least ” Sprookjes van Koningin Fabiola”. This last one are some of the famous fary tales of our Queen ( Queen Fabiola) and I really like one of them in particular:  The Indian Water-lilies

Thanks for reading & write you soon !
Hyperion Moonstone
29 Aug 2015

Picture of my loot (without polaroid box) :


Flea market part 1/2 – A lot of books

So last Sunday I spent most of my time to adding my new books to my digital-library-list. I bought over 40 books at the flea market and honestly, I was surprised that it took so much time just to add them to my library list. Most of them are information books but I bought a single reading book (“King of Katoren“) because I read it once when I was a child and I liked the story. I bought a couple of old cooking books, maybe you are wondering what’s old ? Well they are dating back to 1922-1930.
Just wondering if¬†I can find a wonderful recipe¬†in them ūüôā I also bought a cook book called “Recipes for Love – Erotic cookbook“, but this is just for fun, maybe I can use it someday to bake something special for someone special.

I bought a lot of historical books about Egypt, Plato and Mythology but also some learn-to-draw books. I like history & mythology a lot ! And I always want to improve my drawing skills but I just suck at drawing, but I keep trying ūüôā

And one of the last part of books are the ones I call “Spiritual” or “Wicca” books, normally I don’t buy these kind of books, but they were so cheap that I just bought them anyway. And just to be clear, I’m not doing any Wicca or things like this. I just am interested in the subjects (partly for when I’m playing a wizard as cosplay/roleplay). So I got myself a book about tarot, astrology, herbology, future telling and other subjects.

Next to a couple of pc games (like Total War Rome) and music cds (irish music) I bought 2 LP’s (those old big disk that you need to spin around and put a needle on it to hear the music), I’m very happy with my 2 LP’s one is¬†“Big War Movie Themes”¬†by Geoff Love and the other one is a French story with songs¬†of Peter Pan by Disneyland Paris. I’m very happy that I could find those two.

I also bought more things and I’ll write soon about them.
Kind regards,

Hyperion Moonstone
24 Aug 2015

Wizards in suits are cool

Wizards in suits are cool !

Well a couple of weeks ago I got home in my formal suit and it was sunny outside and I was thinking “Oh hey ! Let’s go outside and make some selfies with my suit”. So I went outside but I quickly became bored, so I was looking around for some probs and I found my want (a harry potter collectors item) so I took some pictures with it. And I like them ūüėÄ And I think if Dr. Who was here he would say “Wizards in suits are cool” haha xD.

Today I went back to the medieval re-enactment.¬†This time they replayed an old battle and after that I went strolling around, taking pictures etc. I also stopped at several medieval vendors. One of them was a woman selling minerals and stones. She had a nice large circle with all the zodiacs and on each zodiac there were some stones/minerals. I¬†asked the woman if she had a special mineral called “Islandic Spar” (a certain form of calcite).

So I was talking with the vendor while some other guests passed the booth, and at a certain moment a woman came to the booth and started to follow our conversation. This woman was not dressed in medieval theme, but more in wiccan theme. I don’t know why, but somehow I knew that she was dressed up in this theme. She was unfamiliar with the stone I was looking for and asked me what it was. I answered her question by explaining that I was looking for this specific stone, the “Viking’s sunstone” that was used by Vikings to navigate on sea. By using this stone the Vikings could identify the position of the sun even on cloudy and misty waters.

She was definitely interessed in it and showed me something she was wearing around her neck. It was some sort of replica, Vikings related … I can’t really describe it but it had a¬†triangular form (inside wasn’t filled) and I think she told me it was something of bone or something of a dear. I don’t remembered. After she showed me her pendant she started¬†asked the vendor if she was selling some stones related to the Chinese zodiac. I didn’t had any other questions for the vendor so I said thanks and I left the booth. But I could still hear the woman talking with the vendor about¬†a story related to a certain name (some theory about witch burning and pedophilia in the church and something about the name of the devil).

So I moved on and not much later I bought a small flask and I filled it with some delicious mead. So guess how I ended my day ^_^

Hyperion Moonstone
16 Aug 2015

ps: I was wearing just casual cloths, I don’t have any medieval or magic wardrobe. But I really want to have an¬†awesome cape one day ūüėÄ

pps: picture of my flask here