2x deja vue from games

Hi again !

As I mentioned before, I had a deja feeling and today I had another one.
So I made this post for both of them:

1) The first one happend on the 4th of November, when I was playing a first person shooter on my pc. So when I launched team fortress, I noticed that there was a halloween event, so I enrolled the mission to collect 100 points (by killing opponents etc) and while playing a certain map, I got this dejavu feeling. I can’t really explain it any more, something in-game happened on such way that I knew I thought of it before, weeks maybe even months before … So for me this was a deja vue;

But it is weird, it is the first time that I had one from playing a video game …
and guess what, today I had another one !

2) This time (8th November) it was during a strategic game for the pc; it was called “knights of honor”, in which your troops can invade other countries in a map-styled way. And when I was invading a specific province, I somehow remembered that I have done it before. But the truth is, that I never did it before. The game might be from 2004 but this weekend was the first time I played it.

So I have no idea how it is possible that I have dejavue feeling from a game…
It just seems bizarre ….


The future is changing – Feeling 22/09/2015

Dear readers,

I write you now, still feeling this weird feeling.
It is like an energy flowing to me, but I feel like the future is changing somehow. And I don’t know why? For some reason, the future is changing.
And I feel it in my body. It is coming from my spine / my back and in my shoulders like a force is gently trying to push them down-backwards.

I also got an idea about key (I have a small collection of them) and I got the image of a key that fitted a certain lock (just a keyhole in the ground/wall/…) and when unlocked some big goldenbrown cupper gears started to rotate and I got the feeling that the future was changing.

This all happened about 10 minutes ago and now I smell the used incense form like two weeks ago.

I also had at that time the idea that if I would ever have a daughter (in any form but related to me) I had to give her a key at her birth and that key fits a certain lock which guards something. I have no idea about what that idea was going, but I had it at the same time of that special feeling.

Maybe it is because of that idea …
By having that idea in my mind … I maybe realize it on day … and leaving her something special behind …. and maybe “destiny” didn’t planned it in the future. But due of this it might added it to it and changed therefor the future. (Or maybe this is all bullshit xD and I just feel tired or something). But now when I deeply inhale I feel an impulse at my head and while exhaling I feel it in my neck.

Well weird thing, but yeah whatever you do, the future is unsure, so you can’t chance something that doesn’t exist yet. But I also party believe in an other theory about that.

Write you soon
Hyperion Moonstone
22 Sept 2015

Disclamer: i m very tired now and i wrote this quicly before going to sleep. So there will be some typos and other error in it.  Sorrrieee  herefor !!


Sometimes when I go to bed I fantasize. (Nothing adultish or sexual related) and it happens the moment my head rests on my pillow. I fantasize that a girl is already in my bed. A girl with long dark brownish hair. And all I do is say her goodnight and turn me around.

The girl is just a fantasy. She is only virtual. And I cant even describe her in detail or tell you what she wears. I can only say it is a thin-to-normal-sized girl with brown long hair without a single curve.

And when wishing her goodnight , I also give her a small kiss (not tongue).

I think if I would ever meet this girl I would know it was het.

Kind regards
Hyperion Moonstone
12 Sept 2015

Mixed ideas or Coincidence – 12/09/2015

A couple of moments ago several ideas were flashing through my mind.

First of all I was watching TV (first ” The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader(2010) followed by “Jack the Giant Slayer” (2013) ) and in the last movie they had a crown which they converted in the original crown of the United Kingdom. After the movie I noticed a coin on the drawer in the living room. I took a closer look and it look very similar to a 2 euro coin. But it wasn’t ! It was a 2 Canadian Coin. And when I turned it around I notice a picture of a queen but also a small line of text: “Elizabeth II – Regina” (I left some parts out).


And this made me think about the name Regina. I have heard it before …
I know I heard the name and I made a reference to a character from the Dutch Harry Potter books: “Regina Valster”.
And I am always think about “The Wizard of Oz” or something in that storyline. I’m not sure if I’m correct or not. But I just searched in my message history and I found the name back in a chat with J.G. It was about Regina ! And Regina is the name of Snowwhite’s Evil Queen in the series “Once upon a time“. J.C. also noted that the actress (Regina Mills) was a very hottie xD.

So to conclude this first part:
Crown –> Coin –> Regina –> Chat with J.C. –> Once Evil Queen ?
Crown –> Coin –> Regina –> UK / London ?
Crown –> Coin –> Regina –> Chat with J.C. –> Once Evil Queen –> Regina Mills ?
Also weird thing is that I had this chat exactly two months ago….

Second part is very little, but just that I had the idea of a sort of half-open disposal pipe (squared form) was shown with oil in it. And the oil was lit by fire and a hole pathway of burning oil was shown (little bit like in the film “National Treasure(2004))
Treasure Room

It must look awesome to see that treasure room in real ^_^

Much Love
Hyperion Moonstone
12 Sept 2015

Extra info:
Movies on tv at 12/08/2015 in the evening (20:30-22:xx)(2 different channels)
Chat with J.C. at 12/07/2015 21:07  (so that is exact 2 months ago, weird).

Not awake on the train – hallucination 10/09/2015

This morning the train was delayed ! I had to wait for 20 minutes because of a failure of the signal lights for the trains. So I waited for 20 minutes and hopped on the train to another station to have my connection train to work. And when I arrived at the platform I noticed a girl standing about 15m from me (as I was coming up the stairs) and I recognised her as the girl-on-which-I-had-a-crush-at-secondary-school. So I was walking fast, looking ahead and I past her, to wait on the train about 5m from her. And when I looked back in her direction, I couldn’t see her at first with all the other people. But when I did, I notice it wasn’t her. She looked different. I don’t know, but guess I had a hallucination and that I wasn’t awake.

So not much later the train arrived and I took it to work. On the train I noticed some words in an article from the newspaper of my neighbourg. Later on I checked the article (it was a free newspaper for on the train) and I found the article but I couldn’t found these words again. So maybe it was another hallucination. But I think I just wasn’t awake this morning 🙂

Write you soon !
Hyperion Moonstone
10 Sept 2015

Office – Deja vu 8/09/2015

Yesterday was my second day at my new job and I got a closer look at my new office. At this moment I realized that it seemed familiar to some idea I got before even seeing the office. It was from in one of my daydreams I guess. I recognised the bookshelfs because they looked like in my dream ( even the collour was the same!). Also my desk seemed to be a bit familiar.

Really funny but also weird.
Still wondering why I know these things and why it is happening.

Maybe it is destiny ? Or I don’t know ?

But it is too exact for beeing coincidence.

Kind regards
Hyperion Moonstone
9 Sept 2015

Ps: I think I had that dream during the summer holidays (1-2 months ago)

Castle S7E11 – Deja vu 6/09/2015

Today I watched the “Castle, P.I.” episode from the crimi-investigation tv-serie Castle. So at the end, when the case was solved, I was standing next to the table to grab my jacket and something else (in this case a board game) to put them in my room.  And I already had my jacket in my hand and at that moment I looked at the TV and Castle was saying something. AND ON THAT MOMENT I got this deja-vu feeling again. I have day-dreamt about this situation before. I didn’t wrote it down, but I just want to tell you that I got a deja-vu today.

Write you soon

Hyperion Moonstone
6 Sept 2015

A romantic morning- Daydream 3/08/2015

About a month ago I made a trip with my old timer into Wallonia ( French part of Belgium) and I was driving trough the countryside, surrounded by fields as far you could see; and I had a little daydream:

It was a certain special day for me and my girlfriend (note: I dont have one) and I arrived in the very early morning at her place. It was still dark when I parked my old timer in front of her appartment. I silently entered her room, she was asleep and I took her in my arms and carried her (by using the elevator) down into the old timer. She was still sleeping when I left and after driving one hour we already left the city far behind us. I drove to Wallonia and stopped in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lavender fields. I parked the car facing the sun and waited for the sunrise. She was still sleeping when I started prepairing breakfast. It was very simple just some bacon and eggs. And when the first sunbeams reached her face she started to unwake. I was laying next to her in my carseat. Enjoying beeing together with her, seeing the first sunbeams coming over the fields and smelling all these wonderful smells ( her smell, the lavender and the baked eggs and crispy bacon :3 hmmm 🙂 )

So that was my little daydream I had that day but I knew that -even it was just a dream- I made her one of the happiest persons on the world on that moment.

What do you think about my idea ? Is it romantic or would you be angry about it ?

If I should ever supprise my gf like this should I remember some things to make it even more her best morning/day in her life ?

Let me know 🙂
Hyperion Moonstone
2 Sept 2015

Fire balls Dream – 31/08/2015

Another story that happend in my dreams:

I just returned from another flea market on the countryside when I found myself in the middle of some fields. I laid my loot on the ground and I was looking around. I dont remember what my loot exactly was but it contained a dozen of those dragon decorational statues, all with some crystal balls.

So I was standing there in the field when I met some people who were interessed in these statues. Then the sky turned immediatly black and the wind changed directions to a much stronger wind. While this was happening the crystal ball of one of the statues went from transparant to misty. And soon all other balls followed his example. Beeing suprised and still glazing at the ball, it continued to change and suddenly the ball caught fire ! I was supprised and jumped backwards. I was looking around to see if the other persons also noticed the fire but there was no one there. In stead I saw other red lights turning up in the distand. Like it was a signal baken.

It was like if the crystal balls were magic or like if the dragons had put them on fire.

After a while they stopped burning and I decided to pick up my loot and to continue my journey to home. But my loot wasnt there anymore. Only one dragon statue remained and I believed that the other statues either were stolen or  either werr scattered among the fields.

So I wanted to go and collect them and that’s when I woke up.

Hyperion Moonstone
31 Aug 2015

Friend’s name

I told you this morning about my dreams and I just asked that one person about her name and she told me the name that was on her passport and it started with a J. While in my dream it was like Rani.

So now I m trying to think the hidden message hidden in my dream. I do know that she uses this R-name in some of her written stories.

So I m not sure what to think about this dream.

Hyperion Moonstone
30 Aug 2015