Dragons got the time – Signals 18/09/2015

This afternoon, when I came back from work, I walked trough the shopping streets. I was looking at the shops when I passed them and at a certain point I looked to a shop and I noticed was that they were displaying different objects on shelfs and the first thing that I noticed was a dragon’s hourglass.¬† It was totally black and I didn’t stopped to look at it. So maybe it was a signal. I don’t know what it means but you can try to make some combinations of black dragon hourglass. Maybe the dragons are holding my time ? Or the time of the dragons will come ? Or …

I don’t know ūüôā

This is a similar image of the hourglass I saw.

Well maybe it is also connected to this signal, but like 2 minutes later I met a girl that I know from my dormitory (like a couple of months ago). It was really by chance that I decided to go into the city and walk through the shopping street. But it was also unexpected to see her there because she lives like the other side of our small country. We had a small chat but she had to go to catch her train back home.

It is always nice to see friends, even when you were not expecting them (in this case).

Write you soon ! I’m still wondering about the signal …
Hyperion Moonstone
18 Sept 2015


Signals hidden in a song

Another post about signals ! This time about signals in a song.

Almost a year ago I started with my internship at a company. During this time I found an English-covered song from a Japanese band called Vocaloid.

The song was covered and sung in English by a youtube user and I really liked the song.

This song, called “Witch Hunt“, is a storh about a prince and two girls. One of them is in love with the prince but is accused by the other girl due of jalousy and she is being placed on the burning stake. This is where the song is situated. So the song is a kind of combination between love and burning a witch. And that she has to penitence for her crime (“love”).

I dont think it is in the lyrics or video but the girl they burned was an angel. (See in the video the feathers left behind.) And you can also see the hidden meaning in this story (not trusting and insecurity can destroy relationships even if your lover is an angel )

I really like the song and even the lyrics. But now I m thinking that it has a secret meaning  or a secret message.

And now that I m thinking about it, I see more and more things in the song that I can recognise.

I m still trying to figure it out. But I think it has something to do with some one I know and simething with love.

If you read some earlier posts, you might remember a song called “There is a fine line”. Well now I think that “daydream event” might be related with this song:
This person I know is head over heels in love and maybe she get somehow hurt really bad (as broken love and fire pit in the song) and that I will go to her to “help her” (as mentioned & described in the other post).

What do you think ? Let me know !

Much love
Hyperion Moonstone
13 Sept 2015

Mixed ideas or Coincidence – 12/09/2015

A couple of moments ago several ideas were flashing through my mind.

First of all I was watching TV (first ” The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader(2010) followed by “Jack the Giant Slayer” (2013) ) and in the last movie they had a crown which they converted in the original crown of the United Kingdom. After the movie I noticed¬†a coin on the drawer in the living room. I took a closer look and it look very similar to a 2 euro coin. But it wasn’t ! It was a 2 Canadian Coin. And when I turned it around I notice a picture of a queen but also a small line of text: “Elizabeth II – Regina” (I left some parts out).


And this made me think about the name Regina. I have heard it before …
I know I heard the name and I made a reference to a character from the Dutch Harry Potter books: “Regina Valster”.
And I am always think about “The Wizard of Oz” or something in that storyline.¬†I’m not sure if I’m correct or not. But I just searched in my message history and I found the name back in a¬†chat with J.G. It was about Regina ! And Regina is the name of Snowwhite’s¬†Evil Queen in the series¬†“Once upon a time“. J.C. also noted that the actress (Regina Mills) was a very hottie xD.

So to conclude this first part:
Crown –> Coin –> Regina –> Chat with J.C. –> Once Evil Queen ?
Crown –> Coin –> Regina –> UK / London ?
Crown –> Coin –> Regina –> Chat with J.C. –> Once Evil Queen –> Regina Mills ?
Also weird thing is that I had this chat exactly two months ago….

Second part is very little, but just that I had the idea of a sort of half-open disposal pipe (squared form) was shown with oil in it. And the oil was lit by fire and a hole pathway of burning oil was shown (little bit like in the film “National Treasure(2004))
Treasure Room

It must look awesome to see that treasure room in real ^_^

Much Love
Hyperion Moonstone
12 Sept 2015

Extra info:
Movies on tv at 12/08/2015 in the evening (20:30-22:xx)(2 different channels)
Chat with J.C. at 12/07/2015 21:07  (so that is exact 2 months ago, weird).

Friend’s name

I told you this morning about my dreams and I just asked that one person about her name and she told me the name that was on her passport and it started with a J. While in my dream it was like Rani.

So now I m trying to think the hidden message hidden in my dream. I do know that she uses this R-name in some of her written stories.

So I m not sure what to think about this dream.

Hyperion Moonstone
30 Aug 2015

Eye of the supermoon

Hello readers !

As you might have noticed it yourself you could see the so-called “supermoon” tonight. Don’t be afraid it, the moon is not wearing any sort of hero mask but it is just a name to indicate that the moon is closer to Earth, so the moon appears to be bigger. And when you compare with the size of a normal full-moon, this supermoon is (relatively) bigger !

So I was laying outside and looking to the moon and decided to grab my SLR camera and I took some shots. One thing I noticed when I was looking at the moon, was when it was surrounded with clouds, it looks like it was a big eye.

The supermoon 29 Aug 2015

The supermoon 29 Aug 2015

I hope you enjoyed your supermoon moment too !

Write you soon !
Hyperion Moonstone
29 Aug 2015

Coincidence & signals- A tumor ?

So this is some kind of coincidence that I think is a little bit weird.
As you might have noticed I went last Saturday to a flea market. I was sniffing through the¬†boxes filled with books when I found some books about breastcancer, chemo-therapy and things like that. Since I studied cancer during medical classes I thought it was interesting to buy these books. At the end I didn’t buy them, ¬†I don’t really know why, but I also didn’t really needed them for school since I recently graduated. So I was like, “nha I don’t need those“.

Well and then this happend ! Yesterday a friend of mine (whom I care a lot about) let me know that she had pain in her chest/breast. And because things of the past she was afraid that she might have another tumor. I tried to calm her down and strongly suggested her to see a doctor. Such fear is not good for anyone, not for me and even not for her. So I tried to make her feel more comfortable and I spoke with her.

That all happened yesterday, but now , at this moment I’m kinda freaking out about the fact that I HAD THESE BOOKS IN MY HANDS, JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO. AND I HAVE PUT THEM AWAY, JUST BY FEELING. I don’t know any more what to think about that …

Was the fact that I found those books a signal to me ? That someone that I know has a tumor ? Or is it a signal that I have putted those books away that it is just a normal pain ? What if I received these signals to change her life (in the better way) and I just missed them or I misread them ?

She¬†made a call to her doctor but he isn’t in this week, so she needs to wait a¬†week. Now here is something that troubles me. For me myself I couldn’t wait to see him in a week ! You could go to another doctor with less experience about your medical file, but is this a good idea ? I don’t know. I hope she explained her situation to the nurse on the phone and I hope it isn’t a real danger for her to wait a week.
But the thing is that I HAD THOSE BOOKS IN MY HANDS a few days AND I HAVE PUT¬†THEM AWAY. So I’m now somehow convinced that this is not really coincidence … it was a signal. And I have no idea how I need to react on it.

It really scares me somehow … and I’m unsure what I need to think about it …

Hyperion Moonstone
25 Aug 2015

ps: I didn’t tell her anything about this. I don’t want to make her more worried or scared.

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