2x deja vue from games

Hi again !

As I mentioned before, I had a deja feeling and today I had another one.
So I made this post for both of them:

1) The first one happend on the 4th of November, when I was playing a first person shooter on my pc. So when I launched team fortress, I noticed that there was a halloween event, so I enrolled the mission to collect 100 points (by killing opponents etc) and while playing a certain map, I got this dejavu feeling. I can’t really explain it any more, something in-game happened on such way that I knew I thought of it before, weeks maybe even months before … So for me this was a deja vue;

But it is weird, it is the first time that I had one from playing a video game …
and guess what, today I had another one !

2) This time (8th November) it was during a strategic game for the pc; it was called “knights of honor”, in which your troops can invade other countries in a map-styled way. And when I was invading a specific province, I somehow remembered that I have done it before. But the truth is, that I never did it before. The game might be from 2004 but this weekend was the first time I played it.

So I have no idea how it is possible that I have dejavue feeling from a game…
It just seems bizarre ….


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