Por ti volare on the train

Hi again !

Today I’m writing you just to tell you that I heard this song again.
I was returning from Brussels by train. The train I took makes 3 stops in Brussels. I got up on the second stop (the one in the middle of the centre) and found a seat in a nicely filled train compartment. As soon we reached the last station and people were exiting the train, I heard this song again ….”Por ti volare” by Andrea Bocelli …

And there is this weird thing …. about two months ago …. I also heard this song in Brussels’ station (Read post here). It was not the same station, and it wasn’t the same way…. no this was different.

Waiting till all the people got on the train, I leant back and stretched my back. And then, I think if I didn’t listen that moment I wouldn’t heart it, and then I heared this song from somewhere in the compartment. I tried to look passively where the sound was coming from, but couldn’t see it.

The train left the station and the song continued softly, after that another one started playing but soon its sound vanished away ….

So this was what I noticed today, I will keep you up to date 🙂
Ow PS ! At that moment I was sitting next to an Italian couple on the train.

Cheers ! Hyperion Moonstone
5 Nov. 2015


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