Wicca books

Just a small paragraph before I make a longer post of a recent deja-vue feeling…..

Well I just remembered that I lend a wiccan friend of mine two books.
The first one is “bedroom”-related spell book [1] while the other one is  a cookbook to prepare food for your beloved one [2]. I lend her my two books that I just had in archive in case of need. I didn’t used them and didn’t really read them yet since I didn’t had the need to do so. And while my wicca friend just got into a relationship she asked me if she could borrow them. So yeah, I’m wondering if she already tried stuff and how it went. 🙂

Cheers ! HM

[1] Magical Sex – A Witches Guide to Bed, Knobs and Broomsticks by Fiona Horne [English]
 [2] Recipes for love – Erotic Cookbook by Willoughby J. [Dutch]


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