Some notes from 27/09/2015

I was making my lunch for tomorrow when I suddenly got a stream of ideas about a certain topic.

I remembered a person broke their relation with another person because she wanted to be “less independent” and more “free”. Now that person got a fresh new relationship and is already moving into with him after less then 2 months.
I don’t really understand it, but moving into a persons home seems me to restrict freedom. But yeah guess love is maybe much stronger ….

And something about some other person… I’m not sure about this but this is what I think might be true: There is a person that I know and I think she is some kind of copycat. Not a real copycat, but I’m not sure if she has a real “own” personality. Well personality is a big word, but I mean like, things you like and hobbies and that kind of stuff. I noticed that her interests changes with her attention. I mean like her interests have been the same as a good friend of hers. But now she seems to lose these interests and take over the ones of her (“new”) lover.

Evermore, another girl. The one that focuses all her attention on her lover, cancelling meetings and events with her friends. Like her lover is the only one that matters on the whole world ….

And I’m worried about those persons. What might happen to them when their relationship ends ? The first one is now too dependent on her lover. So I am afraid she will lose everything and she has to remove to her parents and stuff like that.
For the second girl, I’m also afraid. If her relationship would be abruptly┬ábroken….
I’m not sure who she will be. She just adapts and take over the interests of the person she gives the most attention (my theory). So I guess she will lose her personality again and copies another. I don’t know why she can’t make one of her own …. And now, the third girl: If her relation would end, she will be alone, without any friends. I don’t know which one would be the worst situation out of these. They are all sad situation. But I think the last one is the worst one. Without friends to be there for you when you need it the most. That’s the one that would hurt the most.

And now I’m thinking about these three persons, I also wondered what would happen if there 3 persons would be one.
I think ….
I believe ….
I don’t know, but hope God will help her.

Which one do you think is the worst ?
What should I do when it happens ?

I’m looking forwart to read your answers!
Hyperion Moonstone
27 Sept 2015


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