Golden sun

Last Saturday, I was driving to a small town to see a light parade.
Around six I jumped in the car and went off to this town.
So about twenty minutes later, when I was driving at 120km/h on the highway,
I saw the sun in my mirror, and on the road, the shadows and golden shades replaced each other over and over again.

So as I was heading West, with the sun in my mirror, I somehow enjoyed the ride.
I was driving through shadows and then the shadows ended and a golden light was shining upon the road. It was wonderful, this golden warm sun enlighting your route as you are continuing your way ….

I love it ! It was truly a lovely feeling and I wish I could feel this more often 🙂

Kind regards
Hyperion Moonstone
27 Sept 2015

PS: Sorry this article sucks (poor quality xD)


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