Desk decoration

Last Friday I went shopping and I bought myself a small chest made out of glass. It was perfect to put on your desk to display stuff in it. So I bought it for about 8 euros and continued shopping.

After returning to home I unpacked my box and poured some “sand of time” into the box till the bottom was fully covered. A small yet thick enoug layer of small golden balls covered the mirror on the bottom. The box was now ready for my mysterious object. So I grabbed my collection box and took out piece of paper. After unfolding the paper, I put the object that was hidden inside it into my box.

So as a result an ancient key rested on a thing layer of “sand“.

It is jusr some decoration material that I bought somewhere and an old key from an old person (elder) that I knew. But it is the story you make around it.

Yes it is just some decoration stuff and an old key. But you can also think that you found this mysterious key in an hourglass. The magic hourglass was smashed and you noticed this key in its sand. So you collected them and you placed them in a glass box on your desk. Where it waits till its mystery will be discovered.

Hyperion Moonstone
19 Sept 2015


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