Some notes from 27/09/2015

I was making my lunch for tomorrow when I suddenly got a stream of ideas about a certain topic.

I remembered a person broke their relation with another person because she wanted to be “less independent” and more “free”. Now that person got a fresh new relationship and is already moving into with him after less then 2 months.
I don’t really understand it, but moving into a persons home seems me to restrict freedom. But yeah guess love is maybe much stronger ….

And something about some other person… I’m not sure about this but this is what I think might be true: There is a person that I know and I think she is some kind of copycat. Not a real copycat, but I’m not sure if she has a real “own” personality. Well personality is a big word, but I mean like, things you like and hobbies and that kind of stuff. I noticed that her interests changes with her attention. I mean like her interests have been the same as a good friend of hers. But now she seems to lose these interests and take over the ones of her (“new”) lover.

Evermore, another girl. The one that focuses all her attention on her lover, cancelling meetings and events with her friends. Like her lover is the only one that matters on the whole world ….

And I’m worried about those persons. What might happen to them when their relationship ends ? The first one is now too dependent on her lover. So I am afraid she will lose everything and she has to remove to her parents and stuff like that.
For the second girl, I’m also afraid. If her relationship would be abruptly broken….
I’m not sure who she will be. She just adapts and take over the interests of the person she gives the most attention (my theory). So I guess she will lose her personality again and copies another. I don’t know why she can’t make one of her own …. And now, the third girl: If her relation would end, she will be alone, without any friends. I don’t know which one would be the worst situation out of these. They are all sad situation. But I think the last one is the worst one. Without friends to be there for you when you need it the most. That’s the one that would hurt the most.

And now I’m thinking about these three persons, I also wondered what would happen if there 3 persons would be one.
I think ….
I believe ….
I don’t know, but hope God will help her.

Which one do you think is the worst ?
What should I do when it happens ?

I’m looking forwart to read your answers!
Hyperion Moonstone
27 Sept 2015


Golden sun

Last Saturday, I was driving to a small town to see a light parade.
Around six I jumped in the car and went off to this town.
So about twenty minutes later, when I was driving at 120km/h on the highway,
I saw the sun in my mirror, and on the road, the shadows and golden shades replaced each other over and over again.

So as I was heading West, with the sun in my mirror, I somehow enjoyed the ride.
I was driving through shadows and then the shadows ended and a golden light was shining upon the road. It was wonderful, this golden warm sun enlighting your route as you are continuing your way ….

I love it ! It was truly a lovely feeling and I wish I could feel this more often 🙂

Kind regards
Hyperion Moonstone
27 Sept 2015

PS: Sorry this article sucks (poor quality xD)

The future is changing – Feeling 22/09/2015

Dear readers,

I write you now, still feeling this weird feeling.
It is like an energy flowing to me, but I feel like the future is changing somehow. And I don’t know why? For some reason, the future is changing.
And I feel it in my body. It is coming from my spine / my back and in my shoulders like a force is gently trying to push them down-backwards.

I also got an idea about key (I have a small collection of them) and I got the image of a key that fitted a certain lock (just a keyhole in the ground/wall/…) and when unlocked some big goldenbrown cupper gears started to rotate and I got the feeling that the future was changing.

This all happened about 10 minutes ago and now I smell the used incense form like two weeks ago.

I also had at that time the idea that if I would ever have a daughter (in any form but related to me) I had to give her a key at her birth and that key fits a certain lock which guards something. I have no idea about what that idea was going, but I had it at the same time of that special feeling.

Maybe it is because of that idea …
By having that idea in my mind … I maybe realize it on day … and leaving her something special behind …. and maybe “destiny” didn’t planned it in the future. But due of this it might added it to it and changed therefor the future. (Or maybe this is all bullshit xD and I just feel tired or something). But now when I deeply inhale I feel an impulse at my head and while exhaling I feel it in my neck.

Well weird thing, but yeah whatever you do, the future is unsure, so you can’t chance something that doesn’t exist yet. But I also party believe in an other theory about that.

Write you soon
Hyperion Moonstone
22 Sept 2015

Desk decoration

Last Friday I went shopping and I bought myself a small chest made out of glass. It was perfect to put on your desk to display stuff in it. So I bought it for about 8 euros and continued shopping.

After returning to home I unpacked my box and poured some “sand of time” into the box till the bottom was fully covered. A small yet thick enoug layer of small golden balls covered the mirror on the bottom. The box was now ready for my mysterious object. So I grabbed my collection box and took out piece of paper. After unfolding the paper, I put the object that was hidden inside it into my box.

So as a result an ancient key rested on a thing layer of “sand“.

It is jusr some decoration material that I bought somewhere and an old key from an old person (elder) that I knew. But it is the story you make around it.

Yes it is just some decoration stuff and an old key. But you can also think that you found this mysterious key in an hourglass. The magic hourglass was smashed and you noticed this key in its sand. So you collected them and you placed them in a glass box on your desk. Where it waits till its mystery will be discovered.

Hyperion Moonstone
19 Sept 2015

A toast – 19/09/2015

I was just done watching the “gangster squad” on tv when I took my glass of red wine and moved to my computer.

I opened youtube and put on a song and next I checked facebook and some sites.

Not much later when I was done with checking the sites and just scrolled through facebook; I heared the music and I stood up. I turned myself a quarter to right when I left my glass if red wine to the music. So with my left hand in the sky and pc still playing the soundtrack I felt something unusual. Like I just wanted to do a toast on this music (around the 18th minute).

The music was from one of my favorite movies that I saw when I was really youngh and I never forget the movie.


Hyperion Moonstone
19 Sept 2015

Dragons got the time – Signals 18/09/2015

This afternoon, when I came back from work, I walked trough the shopping streets. I was looking at the shops when I passed them and at a certain point I looked to a shop and I noticed was that they were displaying different objects on shelfs and the first thing that I noticed was a dragon’s hourglass.  It was totally black and I didn’t stopped to look at it. So maybe it was a signal. I don’t know what it means but you can try to make some combinations of black dragon hourglass. Maybe the dragons are holding my time ? Or the time of the dragons will come ? Or …

I don’t know 🙂

This is a similar image of the hourglass I saw.

Well maybe it is also connected to this signal, but like 2 minutes later I met a girl that I know from my dormitory (like a couple of months ago). It was really by chance that I decided to go into the city and walk through the shopping street. But it was also unexpected to see her there because she lives like the other side of our small country. We had a small chat but she had to go to catch her train back home.

It is always nice to see friends, even when you were not expecting them (in this case).

Write you soon ! I’m still wondering about the signal …
Hyperion Moonstone
18 Sept 2015