Por ti volare by a street artist

Today I took the train to our capital (Brussels), all suited up because I had a meeting. And I was walking through the hallways and I heard violin music, a man was playing the violin at the end of a long hallway. I knew I didn’t had to go into that direction, however at the crossing I stood still. Just listening to the music a man played on his violin in the corridor far way.

I recognized the song, it was Andrea Bocelli“s “Por ti volare” a cover from , I knew it because as child I listened to it a lot and now I just knew it was this song. So I was standing there for a minute and just listening to the music that went through the hallway. I was looking at the distant man and I saw people just walking by it. Some dropped some coins while passing by but no one stood still to listen.

So I made up  my mind and searched if I could find some coins left and walked slowly in the direction of the man. He was still playing and I just stopped aside him to watch him playing and after finishing the song I applaud and dropped the coins. I also said that he was doing a good job and that I liked it.

I still see me standing there, listening to his song. Just imagine one of the big cities like London or New York where everybody travels by metro. (And everyone is just wearing casual cloths). And in a long metro hallway where you are walking through to get to your job. And on your path you see a street artist playing a song, and next to it you see a young man in suit listening to it, while everyone else just passes by.

After that he stopped playing and walked back to the intersection to continue my way to my meeting.

I still think about the situation, like he was playing a beautiful song and all the people were just passing and not taking the time to listen.(Normally I do the same, but this violin cover on this place … it just hit me. And I wanted to go and hear his song).

Write you soon,
Hyperion Moonstone
31 Aug 2015


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