Por ti volare by a street artist

Today I took the train to our capital (Brussels), all suited up because I had a meeting. And I was walking through the hallways and I heard violin music, a man was playing the violin at the end of a long hallway. I knew I didn’t had to go into that direction, however at the crossing I stood still. Just listening to the music a man played on his violin in the corridor far way.

I recognized the song, it was Andrea Bocelli“s “Por ti volare” a cover from , I knew it because as child I listened to it a lot and now I just knew it was this song. So I was standing there for a minute and just listening to the music that went through the hallway. I was looking at the distant man and I saw people just walking by it. Some dropped some coins while passing by but no one stood still to listen.

So I made up  my mind and searched if I could find some coins left and walked slowly in the direction of the man. He was still playing and I just stopped aside him to watch him playing and after finishing the song I applaud and dropped the coins. I also said that he was doing a good job and that I liked it.

I still see me standing there, listening to his song. Just imagine one of the big cities like London or New York where everybody travels by metro. (And everyone is just wearing casual cloths). And in a long metro hallway where you are walking through to get to your job. And on your path you see a street artist playing a song, and next to it you see a young man in suit listening to it, while everyone else just passes by.

After that he stopped playing and walked back to the intersection to continue my way to my meeting.

I still think about the situation, like he was playing a beautiful song and all the people were just passing and not taking the time to listen.(Normally I do the same, but this violin cover on this place … it just hit me. And I wanted to go and hear his song).

Write you soon,
Hyperion Moonstone
31 Aug 2015


Fire balls Dream – 31/08/2015

Another story that happend in my dreams:

I just returned from another flea market on the countryside when I found myself in the middle of some fields. I laid my loot on the ground and I was looking around. I dont remember what my loot exactly was but it contained a dozen of those dragon decorational statues, all with some crystal balls.

So I was standing there in the field when I met some people who were interessed in these statues. Then the sky turned immediatly black and the wind changed directions to a much stronger wind. While this was happening the crystal ball of one of the statues went from transparant to misty. And soon all other balls followed his example. Beeing suprised and still glazing at the ball, it continued to change and suddenly the ball caught fire ! I was supprised and jumped backwards. I was looking around to see if the other persons also noticed the fire but there was no one there. In stead I saw other red lights turning up in the distand. Like it was a signal baken.

It was like if the crystal balls were magic or like if the dragons had put them on fire.

After a while they stopped burning and I decided to pick up my loot and to continue my journey to home. But my loot wasnt there anymore. Only one dragon statue remained and I believed that the other statues either were stolen or  either werr scattered among the fields.

So I wanted to go and collect them and that’s when I woke up.

Hyperion Moonstone
31 Aug 2015

Friend’s name

I told you this morning about my dreams and I just asked that one person about her name and she told me the name that was on her passport and it started with a J. While in my dream it was like Rani.

So now I m trying to think the hidden message hidden in my dream. I do know that she uses this R-name in some of her written stories.

So I m not sure what to think about this dream.

Hyperion Moonstone
30 Aug 2015

More dreams – 30/08/2015

A couple of hours after writing my article of the supermoon of last night I went to bed and I had some dreams but also some ideas. For those who don’t know it yet, I keep track of all my dreams in this blog. It was one of the reasons why I started this blog.

So tonight I got a bunch of dreams. Maybe it is due to the late hour I went to sleep (2 am) or maybe some magical influence of the supermoon ? Well I dont know but I do know that my dreams mostly tell me things about the future. And that isnt a joke, it sometimes scary me how accurate these things can be.

So the first thing I notices was a shield. A big medieval shield. Not like these classic ones or those from the movies but a little bit more special. It had two main collors blue and yellow. So imagine a light blue (skyblue) shield with two diagonal yellow lines and beneath those two lines the shield was also painted yellow. And in the middle if the shield there was an invissible vertical line virtually splitting the shield in a left and right side. And I even think that one side has a small figure of a swan on it or maybe two in a bright white collor. It sounds a lot like the my fantasy coat of arms but it isn’t, hower it does remind me more about the playmobil swanknight. In my childhood it was my favorite playmobil toy.

A second dream is about FB where I just noticed that a friends (J.C.) changed her name to something like R.W. I think it was Rani or Ranielle. I know this person used that name in the past but I also believe that she isnt using her real name in FB.

I had some other dreams but they already faded away. I need to write them down as fast as possible and when I have only one dream it works. But with a lot of dreams I m too slow.

Hyperion Moonstone
30 Aug 2015

Eye of the supermoon

Hello readers !

As you might have noticed it yourself you could see the so-called “supermoon” tonight. Don’t be afraid it, the moon is not wearing any sort of hero mask but it is just a name to indicate that the moon is closer to Earth, so the moon appears to be bigger. And when you compare with the size of a normal full-moon, this supermoon is (relatively) bigger !

So I was laying outside and looking to the moon and decided to grab my SLR camera and I took some shots. One thing I noticed when I was looking at the moon, was when it was surrounded with clouds, it looks like it was a big eye.

The supermoon 29 Aug 2015

The supermoon 29 Aug 2015

I hope you enjoyed your supermoon moment too !

Write you soon !
Hyperion Moonstone
29 Aug 2015

Another flea markt

Disclamer : this isnt the second part of my last flea market post. This is another one.

So today I went to another flea market and compared to the last one this is more a real market. Since last time it was one big boot selling everything at very low prices. People could turn in their used things and they were sold in this one big boot. It wasnt a company doing an clear out sale but some volunteers who were trying to raise money to help elder people.

So this time it was more a real flea market. I think there were about 100 boots all scattered over two streets.

It was fun walking through the streets in the warming sunbeams while searching for some fun things.

And yes I found them ! The first thing I bought was a polaroid camera (the 660), it was in a very good condition and even had its original box with it. The price was just one euro so I couldnt leave it behind, not for that price xD

At the same boot I saw some samurai swords (katanas), these swords were more authentic and they werent the kind you usually see on market boots. They were also very cheap but sadly completely useless for me. And next to that my mother will kill me when I would bring them in our house xD. So I continued my search for other nice items.

On another boot I found this egyptian souvenir, a scarabee ! Really cool and nice , but since I took a small amount of money with me I decided to wait and see what other things I could buy. But yeah I think you can already guess it. By the time I returned it was sold to someone else …

So after an hour I returned to my car with my polaroid camera and some other things. I found the cossacks anathology (pc game) for only 50 cent. I just bought them because of nostalgy xD

I also bought a disney book about zorro (I started collecting the serie since last market) and 4 LP’s: Michael Jackson’s thriller, Disney’s Frank & Frey,Dutch streetorgan parade (this one was just for fun xD) and last but not least ” Sprookjes van Koningin Fabiola”. This last one are some of the famous fary tales of our Queen ( Queen Fabiola) and I really like one of them in particular:  The Indian Water-lilies

Thanks for reading & write you soon !
Hyperion Moonstone
29 Aug 2015

Picture of my loot (without polaroid box) :


I wanna learn quick-sketching

Today I have been thinking about a couple of things. First of all I tried to minimalize thinking about the thingie that make me sad (see my post of yesterday). In this post I mentioned a disney song and a fellow blogger ( Sami Wiltshire ) commented on my article that me she also loves the hunchback of the Notre Dame ! So this made me thinking about Paris and the lovely places.

In a couple of months I’m returning to Paris for a two day visit. The first day I m going to revisit Disneyland Paris and the second day I m doing Paris itself.

And that’s when I got this idea. I have this small notebook that perfectly fits in my pocket. And I want to take it with me on my travels and make sketches in it of beautiful places…

But there is one problem ….

I totally can’t sketch things. I sometimes try drawing but it is never a beautiful masterpiece. So I’m now kinda looking for some small free lessons about making quick sketches. In first place about buildings and landscapes and later on specific objects or even people.
I m also unsure about the tool I m going to use. Maybe I will use a normal writing pen or maybe should I go for a refillable pencil ?

Does any of my readers know some good advice ? I m looking forward to hear them.

In meanwhile I will continue to make pictures with my SLR camera but just making a sketch of something … gives a totally other feeling about it.

See you soon,
Hyperion Moonstone
28 Aug 2015

Ps: written on the move so ‘m sorry about spelling mistakes.

“Spiritual Believe System” Quiz

Hej guys ! (and girls!)

A couple of minutes ago I was strolling on a forum and I found this quiz inwhich you can find out your “Spiritual Believe System” (Quiz – Your top 10 religions).

So for fun I just gave it a try and after checking 20 boxes I found that my top result is Unitarian Universalism. I was stunned by this result, I was thinking “ow it will just show the main things like Christianity or Hinduism or something else“, but it showed a whole list of different systems next to these.  And I never heard about some of these systems ever before xD

So this are my results:

1. Unitarian Universalism (100%)
2. Secular Humanism (80%)
3. Liberal Quakers – Religious Society of Friends (80%)
4. Mainline – Liberal Christian Protestants (70%)
5. Theravada Buddhism (65%)
6. Mahayana Buddhism (63%)
7. Taoism (53%)
8. Orthodox Quaker – Religious Society of Friends (53%)
9. Hinduism (52%)
10. Reform Judaism (51%)
11. Non-theist (50%)
12. Neo-Pagan (48%)
13. Sikhism (44%)
14. Jainism (42%)
15. New Age (36%)
16. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (31%)
17. Scientology (31%)
18. Seventh Day Adventist (31%)
19. Bahai (30%)
20. Eastern Orthodox (30%)

23. Roman Catholic (30%) 

Tomorrow I will look up this universalism and (if I don’t forget) I will write a small article about it. But it’s already past midnight here, so I’m off to bed !

Feel free to post your results ! I’m wondering what they are.

Kind regards
Hyperion Moonstone
27 Aug 2015

Anger energy

At this moment I’m experiencing anger. A heavy form of anger, and I’m keeping it guarded in myself and am collecting it inside myself in order to prevent hurting people. However it is building up, and increasing. And the anger inside me is feeling like an hurricane of wind and fire. Twisting inside myself, growing in strenght as I speak. With each turn of the hurricane, it grows strength. No external factors added, because I’m just alone in my room. (But it goes about something external … )

I’m also listening to “Sanctuary!” a song of the Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. And I feel the hurricane razing inside me. And even more, like a dark energy is flowing out my body (out my spine), I feel the hurricane more razing, above my spine, sending all dark energy out of my body into the air. As the songs continues my feelings keep changing but I still feel the anger.

The anger inside me is just because the un-luck I have in a certain part of my life. And when I see reality, I feel sad. And today I was feeling sad about this life-part (about 4 hours ago) but now it translated it from sadness to anger. Anger to no-one in special. But just about my un-luck in this certain topic. I’m still trying to process it, I know the hardest part is like a month ago, but there is a stream of new information. And mostly I can be happy with this information, but today it wasn’t the case 😦 Like 4 hours ago I was sad, I had tears in my eyes but didn’t cry and about 15min ago I cried. And then it changed into anger … and now I’m back to being sad-ish again.

I will soon go to bed, and I hope sleeping will help me to forget it all…

Hope to write you more when I’m in a better mood
Hyperion Moonstone
27 Aug 2015


Rule Britannia !

Rule Britannia ! Britannia rule the waves !

I bet you know this song, it’s a British song originating from the poem “Rule, Britannia” by James Thomson[1]. I knew the song before, but somehow I was listening it the whole day long. When I’m listening to the song I’m visualising the dark ages – the medieval times, with knights in shiny armour fighting enemies or travelling overseas.

Well that’s just my fantasy, hope you will enjoy the song 🙂

Kind regards
Hyperion Moonstone
26 Aug 2015

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rule,_Britannia!